UN mission ‘strongly deplores’ deteriorating tensions in Sudan’s Darfur region


Sudan, 12 May 2015 – The joint United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) has strongly deplored “the rapid deterioration of tensions” between the Rezeigat and Ma’alia tribes as both parties continue to engage each other in a series of armed confrontations which have resulted in dozens of casualties.

In a press release, the Mission said it remained “gravely concerned” about that apparent continued mobilization of both sides despite a temporary lull in the fighting, adding that UNAMID peacekeepers in East Darfur had “raised their levels of preparedness” and put in place “proactive response measures” to address any spike in requests for civilian protection.

“UNAMID continues to exert around-the-clock efforts to mitigate the impact of fighting on the civilian population in the area,” the press release continued. “The Mission is ready to assist the Sudanese authorities in the ongoing evacuation of more than 50 injured tribesmen from both tribes to Khartoum for treatment.”

In addition, the Mission explained it had also provided East Darfur State medical authorities with medicines and other surgical equipment which were in short supply.