UN FUN Friday with St Johns Convent School

UN Fun Fridays at the UNIC library with learners from St Johns Convent

Pretoria, 16 March 2018: St Johns Convert was hosted by UNIC Pretoria at the library for an educational outreach program as part of the UN fun Friday. More than 90 students visited the UNIC Pretoria Library with enthusiasm to learn more about the work of the UN in South Africa and across the globe. UNIC team informed the learners about the UN system, activities and programs, and further introduced the learners and their teachers to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  The video titled, “The Road to SDGs” was screened for learners who expressed much interest and gave positive feedback on SDGs.

“All the goals are achievable if we work together” emphasized UNIC Librarian Hope Kabamba as she addressed St Johns Convert School learners during their educational visit at the United Nations Information Centre, Pretoria.

Learners were given tasks to work in different age groups on activities such as the cross-word puzzles, finding the path to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and coloring of SDG’s pictures.  During the interactive session with the learners, a couple of questions were raised like, what should one study to qualify to work for the UN, who finances the activities of SDGs, can the UN finance any project not related to SDGs, what happens if the SDGs are not achieved by the 2030, will the member states develop another agenda?

The UN Fun Fridays provide a platform for children from different communities, organizations and backgrounds learn and get exposed to what the UN is about and its purpose for the world. The key message to learners was that: Sustainable Development Goals work in the spirit of partnership and practicality to make the right choices in the present day to improve life, in a sustainable way, for future generations. It was also emphasized that Sustainable Development Goals are a responsibility for all, regardless of age and gender, and so these goals have become a driving force for the mandate of the United Nations Information Center Pretoria, which also leads initiatives to communicate with young people.

Toward the end of the event the UNIC Team donated books, UN information materials and a set of SDGs posters to the school as token of appreciation. All outstanding learners were awarded UN Information packs.