About Us

HopeUNIC Pretoria communicates the work and activities of the United Nations in South Africa. Through outreach, capacity building and campaigns, we promote greater awareness and understanding of the United Nations and its role in Africa and globally. We work with media, civil society, educational institutions and governments to achieve our goals.

UNIC Pretoria takes an inclusive approach of telling the UN story in South Africa through the use of our public library and outreach programmes such as fUN days and UN4U.

UNIC Library: Located on the ground floor of the UN building, the UNIC Library is a reference-only facility, containing a substantive amount of UN books and publications. We also provide visibility material such as posters and pamphlets, some of which we distribute to the public. The Library has internet for users who would like to source more information on our website.

fUN days: FUN days, run on Fridays for high school students and their teachers are aimed at raising awareness about the UN and how it works. Briefing sessions are held at the UN premises on topics such as how the organization is structured and its role throughout the world. The briefings are followed by question and answer sessions. Additional information packs are also provided. If you would like to participate in our FUN Days send an e-mail with the subject line “Participate in FUN Days” to info.pretoria@unic.org

UN4U: The UN4U is a week-long programme commemorated by UN Information Centres globally, prior to UN Day on 24th October. Staff members including senior officials speak at local schools to share their different information about their programmes as well as about the UN work in peace keeping, tackling climate change, women empowerment, poverty reduction and

Internship programme: An internship with UNIC Pretoria provides exposure to the daily activities of the Centre, as well as an opportunity to gain first-hand experience on a diverse range of topics and issues comprising the work of the United Nations.