UNIC Pretoria observes World Toilet Day 2016

zeenat1UNIC Pretoria observed World Toilet Day on Friday, 18 November 2016 with Foundation phase learners from Al Ghazali College in Erasmia, Pretoria. The puppet show demonstration organized for the learners was aimed at informing and educating young learners about the United Nations and more specifically about hygienic toilet habits when going to the toilet.

zeenat5Two differently coloured toilets were set up, one red and one green with two puppets named Tony the Lion and Jerry the elephant. The show showed Tony the Lion using the red toilet all the while eating gum, singing, laughing and not washing his hands.


Jerry the elephant used the green toilet carefully by being considerate of others but also using the toilet in a hygienic way, flushing the chain and washing his hands with soap and water before leaving the bathroom.

The students were then quizzed about the do’s and don’ts of using the bathroom and the importance of adopting good habits. They were encouraged to talk about the spreading of diseases such as diarrhoea and cholera.

Interactivity was rewarded through the handing out of prizes which included World Toilet Day folders, pencils, erasers, temporary tattoos, coasters, a bookmark and as well as stickers.

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The relevance of this activity is in line with the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon’s message on the impact of sanitation on livelihoods and work environments. Ki-moon further emphasised the link between sanitation and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) saying that “Sustainable development goal 6 calls on the international community to ensure access to toilets by 2030.  Delivering on this basic human right — the right to water and sanitation — is good for people, business and the economy.”