UNIC Pretoria celebrates Universal Children’s Day 2016

Bringing the SDGs to Children

UNIC Team member Anto Kagisho explains SDGs to children

UNIC Team member Anto Kagisho explains SDGs to children

UNIC Pretoria celebrated Universal Children’s Day on Tuesday, 22 November 2016, with children from the Tshwane Leadership Foundation (TLF) at the UNIC library in Pretoria. Activities were arranged for the children, aged between 6 and 12 years relating to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through various activities, students discussed their understanding of the SDGs and why it was important to be knowledgeable about the work of the UN with specific focus on the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda

day2Students then watched the illustrative video, entitled “the Road to SDGs”, that simplified the world goals, after which UNIC staff and students engaged in an interactive discussion on the various goals and its relevance in South Africa. The students were then divided into groups with each group discussing three to four Goals.

Comments like “boys and girls playing together” – to describe Gender Equality and “sharing with each other” – to describe No Poverty, were among some of the colourful opinions the children used to describe the SDGs. After the discussions the children eagerly shared with their peers what they had learned about the SDGs. Using only their hands and body motion and through acting, the children were asked to demonstrate a goal where their peers had to guess which goal they were referring to.

The celebration of Universal Children’s Day is significant because it provides children and adults alike with the opportunity to learn more about the importance of children’s rights which relate closely to the SDGs. Furthermore, educating children empowers them to make important and healthy decisions that could provide them with an opportunity to empower other children in years to come. Teaching children about the SDGs enables them to know more about the world they live in and also what constitutes a healthy, conducive-to-learning environment.

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Universal Children’s day is a calling to people around the world to “advocate, promote and celebrate children’s rights, which could result in discussions and actions that will build a better world for Children”.