UNIC Pretoria commemoration of South African Library Week 2019

UNIC PRETORIA commemorated South African Library Week (SALW) from the 18-24 March 2019. The them of the event was Collaborate @ your library. The SALW 2019 theme “Collaborate @ your library™ corresponds to the Library Information Association of South Africa (LIASA) Presidential Theme: “Libraries: Advancing development through collaboration, partnerships and innovation”. For the 2019 SALW, the term “Collaboration” directs action to working together, sharing resources, forming teams, developing relationships and partnerships. This indicates that libraries and communities from all walks of life derive mutual benefits from partnering.

UNIC Pretoria Library in association with a number of its partners collaborated on many activities throughout the Library Week.

The library week was launched with library users and librarians holding a round table discussion.  The dialogue was focused on the structure of the United Nations, its library services and resources available to the public.

 On 20 March 2019, UNIC Library shifted its attention to hosting 100 children aged 6 -12 years old and 10 of their facilitators.  Children were drawn from the Vana Va Hina project, Tshwane Leadership Foundation (TLF). The topic of engagement was Sustainable development Goals (SDGs) featuring; Go Goals board games, SDGs word puzzles and screened three short videos. The titles of the featured videos were; What is Sustainable Development?

(https://youtu.be/7V8oFI4GYMY), Mr. Bean and the global goals(  https://youtu.be/s8cWM-TFZwM) and the World’s largest Lessons( https://youtu.be/cBxN9E5f7). Children were divided to work on different tasks according to their age group and each group was asked to give feedback at the end of their tasks.

At the end of the tasks UNIC staff shared SDGs cartoon or comics booklets as well as posters on children rights for them to keep for future reference to the SDGs and knowing their rights.

During the library week, UNIC Library had an opportunity to extend beyond its comfort zone. The library collaborated with library users and the public at large, by assisting them on how to gain access to UN information resources such as offering online sessions, accessing the UN websites as well as familiarizing them to UN databases. The main idea was to galvanize more interest in the UN activities, strengthen existing relationships with the library, and ultimately attracting new library audiences.

To conclude the event, on the 22 March 2019, the library users were given an opportunity to share their sentiments of the global Sustainable 2030 agenda by expressing their thoughts and feelings through well prepared and presented poems and storytelling targeting attainment of the SDGs.