Our Library

The UNIC Library is a reference-only collection, containing a substantive amount of UN books and publications, as well as visibility material, including posters and pamphlets, some of which are for distribution free of charge. The library attracts approximately 250 users per month and, located on the ground floor of the UN building, is a much-valued information hub in the centre of Pretoria. Among its many users are university students, academics and government officials.

The Library is staffed with a full-time librarian, who, together with voluntary interns, ensures that the library is stocked with relevant material that is disseminated in a targeted and effective manner.

In addition to hosting a large collection of documents, the library is frequently used to house exhibitions, host UN commemoration days and provide a venue for a range of information outreach activities. The Library can seat up to 200 people and has microphone and video facilities, thereby making it an ideal venue for various gatherings. Internet services are provided for those users who would like to source more materials from UN websites.