Reference services

The library contains a large collection of UN publications, books, and outreach materials such as posters and pamphlets, some of which are for distribution free of charge. Publications include reference volumes, booklets, leaflets, magazines and other printed materials about the work of the United Nations in general and South Africa in particular. Our visitors often rely on personalized services and guidance provided by the UNIC Librarian.

Resources in the library

Library users can find, among others, the following:

  • UN agencies’ reports and promotional materials in their specialized areas of competence;
  • General Assembly and Security Council resolutions;
  • Reports of the Secretary-General;
  • Conventions, Charters, Agreements and Treaties;
  • Documents on economic and social development as well as international law;
  • Posters, pamphlets and promotional materials;
  • Specialised collections including reference books, reports, journals, yearbooks, statistical yearbooks and UN official records.

For more information on the latest resources available, have a look at our newsletter.

Audio-visual materials

The collection includes photos and posters about the United Nations and its activities, film, and video collections that are available on loan to local broadcasters, non-governmental organisations and educational institutions. UNIC coordinates with the media and other organisations to ensure timely distribution of products and preparation of displays and exhibits.

Public relations and liaison work

Informing and educating the public through educational institutions, NGOs and the media about the United Nations and its activities is part of the work of the UNIC Library. This includes providing answers to questions from the public, preparing and conducting lectures and seminars on or about the United Nations, as well as providing information packages, arranging seminars and press encounters with the South African media.

Internet Service

Access to the Internet is available to users who would like to source more materials from online UN resources only.

For more information on the UNIC Library and its facilities, please send an email to UNIC Pretoria Info